Gifts For Metal Heads

Looking for an awesome gift for your favorite metal head this year? Maybe you don't know quite what bands they're listen to or exactly what they like, but we can point you in the right direction. The items here in this blog have been our most popular items for metal heads in the past few years.

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Best Metallica Gifts for 2010

Here's one we've all been waiting for: The Metallica Gift Guide. If you've browsed thorough our Metallica Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST you would know right away that there is A LOT to choose from. For a fan it's easy, a fan wants it all! But for the friends, wives, girlfriends, etc. of these Metallica Fans, we're making it easy for you and showing you the 6 best Metallica gift items that we have available this year!

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Best Iron Maiden Gifts for 2010

If you're reading this blog, it must mean that you have someone on your list this year who is an Iron Maiden fan! Well, doing the jobs we do here at ROCKWORLDEAST, we've had the opportunity to both meet in person and have lengthy telephone conversations with hundreds (more like thousands) of Iron Maiden fans! The one thing that we've learned is that Maiden fans are the friendliest, most adoring and most dedicated heavy metal fans in the world; they don't just listen to Iron Maiden, they eat, sleep, breathe and live Iron Maiden. There's no fan in the world that would covet one of these items more than any one of these ultra-fans... you know who they are!

You can browse through the Iron Maiden Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST or you can take a look at the collection of items we have deemed the best gift items for 2010! For more info on any of these items just click the photo and go straight to the item on ROCKWORLDEAST.

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Best Beatles Gifts for 2010

Shopping for a gift gift for a Beatles fan this year? Well, if you are, we decided to put a list together of the top gift items from the Beatles Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST to make it even easier for you!

In our Beatles store, you will find almost 50 officially licensed Beatles items that you can browse through. Our Beatles store has been growing all year with additions such as fleece blankets, t-shirts & barware gift sets. Here we'll show you what the top 6 gift items are for X-mas 2010!

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Happy Shopping! Keep an eye out for our X-mas shopping blogs for the rest of November! We'll show you what the best gifts are for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Iron Maiden and more!