ROCKWORLDEAST Launches Sponsorship Program

ATTN: Bloggers, Webmasters & Site Owners

ROCKWORLDEAST.com Launches Sponsorship Program

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – September 23, 2009 – On Sept 22, 2009
ROCKWORLDEAST.com has officially launched its blog/website sponsorship campaign.

ROCKWORLDEAST Merchandise Wholesalers will be supplying various Music & Entertainment blogs & websites with T-shirts from their in-house line of ‘Sick T-Shirts’ (which can be found here: http://www.rockworldeast.com/License/RWE_Brand ) and from their massive inventory of officially licensed band merchandise (which can be found here: http://www.rockworldeast.com ).

Supplying product for these blogs and websites is an alternative to the traditional method of paying for advertising based on a cost per click or a cost per impression. The sites that will be hosting these contests/giveaways will simply display a banner provided to them by rockworldeast.com. Based on the traffic received through these banner links, these websites and blogs will be provided with various prizes including t-shirts and merchandise found on the ROCKWORLDEAST website.

Holding Contests and Giveaways is an excellent partnership strategy for both blog owners and ROCKWORLDEAST. This method is a reader friendly way to draw new traffic to an already existing website or blog in addition to being a targeted promotion for rockworldeast.com. For rockworldesat.com, traffic and sales go up, for the sponsored blog/website readership, marketability and value of the blog/website increase.

The ROCKWORLDEAST Sponsorship program is an ongoing program. Any website can join this program upon approval. It’s as simple as posting a banner link which can be provided to you by emailing the rockworldeast.com marketing team using the contact information below.

This is not only an opportunity to gain free products to give to users of your website and readers of your blog, but an opportunity to build a strategic relationship with a major website in the music merchandise retail and wholesale industry.

Melissa Buhagiar
Halifax, NS

ALL NEW: U2, Depeche Mode, Stone Temple Pilots, Vader & The Replacements

It's been a very busy month for us here at ROCKWORLDEAST.com. In addition to the new line of TRUNK LTD t-shirts we now carry, we've opened up 5 new band stores!

Just click on the band photo and it will take you straight to the new store:


Depeche Mode

Stone Temple Pilots

The Replacements


Keep an eye out for more store openings in the future! We're always looking for new bands and new merch so if you don't see something on rockworldeast.com that you're desperate for, this is the place to ask for it. Leave a comment!



ROCKWORLDEAST is excited to announce the inclusion of a new line of TRUNK LTD T-Shrits into our Band T-Shirt store! We will now be stocking luxury TRUNK LTD T-Shirts and selling them at an incredibly reasonable price! The 4 Designs that are pictured in this blog are now selling for only $40.47 US!

These are official TRUNK LTD iconic rock & roll fashion t-shirts and are all manufactured with the TRUNK LTD trademark of a contrasting double stitched seam on the body and under the arm including the TRUNK LTD label sewn into the bottom seam.

Each one is a limited edition piece of luxury apparel and the differences in quality, cut and craftsmanship are clear and well worth the price!

For information about the garment and purchasing click the picture of the shirt you are interested in.


SLAYER & MEGADETH Canadian Carnage East Coast Tour

As roadrunnerrecords.com reported On Sept. 14, 2009, Megadeth and Slayer will be continuing their Canadian Carnage tour on the East Coast with 5 dates in November now confirmed.

"MEGADETH and SLAYER laid waste to four Canadian cities earlier in June when they joined up for the first Canadian Carnage, marking the first time the bands had shared a stage anywhere in 18 years.

Canadian Carnage East tour dates:

Nov. 08 - Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB
Nov. 09 - Halifax Metro Center, Halifax, NS
Nov. 11 - Bell Centre, Montreal, QC
Nov. 12 - Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC
Nov. 13 - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Get ready for one of the most combustible tours of the fall — Canadian Carnage East — with co-headliners SLAYER and MEGADETH, two of the bands that defined the thrash/metal genre and have kept it alive and flourishing for decades."

Check out our Megadeth Tour Post including a video of Megadeth playing Headcrusher live in Edmonton: http://rockworldeast.blogspot.com/2009/07/megadeth-tour-t-shirts-new-merch.html

We've got a huge stock of Canadian Carnage tour Shirts from the West Coast part of the tour you can check out in our Megadeth Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Also check out our Slayer Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST for all the new Slayer Merch!

Watch this video for Slayer's new song "Psychopathy Red" performed in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 29th, 2009:



Are you cold? Then get a Hoodie! All Fall/Winter Hoodies from $40 US - $52 US.

With Fall rapidly approaching and Winter not far behind, it is finally hoodie season again! We are fully stocked in all the latest and greatest band hoodies of 2009/2010.

To take a look at our entire selection of Hoodies in the Band Hoodie Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Check out a few of the newest & most popular hoodies of 2009 from ROCKWORLDEAST:

Keep an eye out for all the new Band Hoodies ROCKWORLDEAST will be getting in for Fall 2009 and Winter 2010! Subscribe to the RWE New Merch Blog for updates on Merch and Contests!



Congratulations to our POLYVORE CONTEST WINNERS!

Check out the awesome sets that made the final cut:
See more on Polyvore

If you're the kind of person who digs winning cool prizes, come join our Polyvore group and get in on the action: ROCKWORLD on Polyvore Group