10 of the Funniest Star Wars T-Shirts Ever!

To celebrate the never ending love for the Star Wars franchise, we wanted to put together a top 10 list of the funniest Star Wars t-shirts we've seen over the years. From Darth Vader carrying a boo box on his shoulder to Yoda rocking a pair of sweet shades, we think we've got the very best of the Officially licensed Star Wars parodies for you.

If you're interest in purchasing any of these designs, each picture is a link to the store, so click away!

So here goes, in no particular order:
The Darth Vader Boombox T-Shirt
 The Darth Vader Dark Side T-Shirt
 The Yoda Size Matters Not T-Shirt
 The Funk Master Yoda T-Shirt
 The Expressions of Vader T-Shirt
 The Star Wars Bad Boys For Life T-Shirt
 The Chewie on Drums T-Shirt
 The Storm Troopers Waiting For the Phone Booth T-Shirt (staff favorite)
 The Movember Special Darth Vader with a Mustache T-Shirt
 The Classy Chewie T-Shirt (we think he looks like Drew Carey)

And thus concludes our Star Wars top 10 list. Hope you enjoyed these as much as we do!


Legendary Music Idols in Black & White

Two great images of two legends of music available now in the form of a cotton t-shirt! We'll keep this post really short because these shirts truly speak for themselves: Bob Dylan and Miles Davis immortalized by their music and now these two super-rad t shirts! Plus, it doesn't hurt at all that you can scoop them both up today for under $20usd each or under $35usd for both!

Click on either image to see more product info or click one of the banners below because we've got new tees in for the following licenses:


Best Sons Of Anarchy Gear Available: Rocker Vs. No Rocker

 If you're a fan of Sons Of Anarchy (which you probably are if you're reading this) and you like the idea of sporting a reaper backpatch on your shirt or your hoodie (we know you're out there, these are the hottest selling items right now and the show is in between seasons!), then you may know there's a bit of controversy over some of the designs you might find out there (specifically the prints with bottom rockers).

You'd understand if you were a biker; like a really super-serious biker in a super-serious biker gang, like some of the folks on SOA message boards and a popular SOA sub-reddit (/r/sonsofanarchy for those of you who'd like to participate or fire the debate back up). Apparently, according to the internet, some guys from some real MC's won't take it too well to see an average TV-lovin' Joe walking around town with a 3 piece patch unless he could handle being dealt with in a '3 piece way'.

And if Kurt Sutter is going to bother warning us all against it, the maybe we should all heed his good advice. But seriously, if you don't want to upset your otherwise quite pleasant local neighborhood biker gang, we've are the main source for officially licensed SOA gear at the cheapest prices possible, without the rocker! At least this way, you just look like you've got good judgement when it comes to TV-time!

 But then again, we like a bit of controversy so do whatever you feel is right! Heck, start your own biker gang if you want. We propose you all get Schwinn's and call yourselves the Sons Of Fun. We'll be looking forward to seeing SOF chapters pop up across the nation. Until then, we'll be patiently waiting for Season 6 of SOA to start while we help our 25-55 year old (mostly)male customers grow their epic SOA t-shirt collections that will put their black-t-shirt-lovin' teenage selves to shame.


TOP 5 TEES & HOODIES of 2013 (so far) Chosen by RWE Customers!

Every year we like to publish what the Top 5 Tees of the year (so far) are. This season we're going to share the top 5 tees & the top 5 hoodies. We normally wouldn't but some of our hoodies have been so popular that they've even beat out some of the top tees, so it's only fair they make the cut! We threw in a couple of the sweatshirts even though they're not technically 'hoodies' because everyone loves a good throwback trend!



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Batman: Superhero or Just a Dude in a Vinyl suit? The fans weigh in.

The Bat symbol is arguably one of the most recognizable symbols in the comic universe, heck, it's one of the most recognizable symbols in the actual universe! Needless to say, regular folks like the some particular members of the RWE Staff & customers of ROCKWORLDEAST have been able to relate to Batman in a way that you can't with many other superheroes (except for maybe Iron Man because he is also just a rich dude with a bunch of cool gadgets). Let's put it this way, you probably know someone who has, has had or has multiple versions of this classic Bat symbol shirt:
As you may already know, we've been putting our twitter feelers out there for the past few weeks to engage some pretty famous people, and those closest to them, to ask some serious but mostly ridiculous questions. This week we unintentionally riled up the #batman twitosphere by asking some of the Batman insiders what they thought about some comic diehards claiming that Batman wasn't a 'real' superhero becasue he had no super powers. @batmannewscom was kind enough to give us a re-tweet and then chaos ensued. We were bombarded with tweet after tweet with hash-tags like #dumbppl and #themsfightinwords.

We surely couldn't post all of the responses but we put a few together, including a response from MTV's self described 'Teen Mom OG/Original Birth Father' (or something along those lines) Tyler Baltierra. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up.

Here's the fan response:

To sum up, Batman is both a superhero and a dude in a vinyl suit. And there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to be pretentious to be a comic fan, you can just like Batman, a really handsome rich guy with a neat cave and a really, really cool car. Or you can be a totally snobby comic fan, we think that's actually pretty cool too!

Here's how you'll know if you're the amongst the super duper ultimate Bat fans:
1) You've said the phrase 'I am the Batman' at any point in your life, ever.
2) Every time a new Batman film is released you've just finished watching all previous Batman films to refresh all your Bat knowledge, and to accurately point out mistakes in timeline or references.
3) When you saw this batman lamp, you thought, hmm, that will look good in my bat cave:
4) All your ice cubes are shaped like tiny bats:
5) and you put them in a glass that looks like this:
BUT WAIT! There's more! With the release of Part 2 of Batman: the Dark Knight Returns and the anticipated release of the Batman Arkham game later this year, we've been stocking up on all the best Batman gear. We've got something for everyone in the family! Check it out here:


Q&A with Star Wars Insiders: What really happened to Darth Vader at the End of Episode 4?

 If we, the folks here at ROCKWORLDEAST were the betting type, we'd bet that the most acutely focused fans in the world are Star Wars fans... by a long shot. There doesn't seem to be a group on fans anywhere in this galaxy that we've heard of, that is more inquisitive about the plots, sub plots, characters, machinery, development or film to film referencing than this group. Yeah, a lot of them like to live a happy-go-lucky lifestyle of re-watching the classics and cos-playing their troubles away, but that doesn't mean these guys don't mean business. Star Wars fans have been demanding answers on a variety of points for decades including, 'How did the 2nd Death Star get built so fast?', 'Why aren't Jedi's allowed to have families?' and probably most famously, 'Who Fired the first shot in Episode 6?'

These rabid fans are not a small group either, in fact, just this week we released to our email subscribers, the RWE Quarterly Top 5 Tees and Top 5 Hoodies of the year (so far) and out of 10 items, Star Wars took 2! If you're curious, it was the Star Wars Le Force Baseball Jersey and the   Star Wars Boba Fett Hoodie.

But to get back to getting some answers, we tried our best to solve the mystery of one of the greatest unanswered Star Wars questions of all time: What ever happened to Darth Vader at the end of Episode 4? How exactly did he manage to survive when it seemed impossible? So we contact a few folks from Lucasfilm as well as many of the current and past artists and writers of the Star Wars comic series. Well basically we contact every Star Wars insider we could find to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

Here's what we came up with, it looks like you may have to take these hypotheses and settle on your own conclusion:

We nay not have solved the mystery, but we sure had fun trying! Check out our huge selection of Official Star Wars merchandise, t shirts and collectibles (seriously, it's probably time you considered how sweet a Storm Trooper lamp might look in your living room!)