Iron Maiden Eddie Finger Shirt - AVAILABLE NOW!!

In our opinion, this is one of the greatest Eddie shirts of all time. A classic. The 'Eddie Giving The Finger' shirt is one of the more rare and hard to find Iron Maiden t-shirts. One of our staff members who works in the shipping department said they found an old one about 5 years ago in a local thrift shop but that was one of those rare random finds that is likely to not be repeted by anyone other than the luckiest thrift store junkies on earth. But as usual, RWE has come through once again and has brought you back a classic t-shirt that the fans have been begging for!

Oh, and just for laughs, we found a few celebrity princess types sporting Iron Maiden t shirts. Don't let these ladies have a better heavy metal t shirt collection than you! Who are they kidding!?

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