We Heart Charlie Manson

This week the clever geniuses at ROCKWORLDEAST and the RWE Art Department have unleashed a sick nugget of fashion unto the world. As CNN reported, in conjunction with Charlie's latest photo-shoot, "[His] wild-eyed stare is gone...he could be any gray-bearded senior citizen." In response to that, ROCKWORLDEAST gives you the Greatest Piece of Underground Fashion for 2009. We'd like to remember Charlie in his Glory Days: With that familiar wild-eyed stare!


Here's what's causing all the controversy:

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RWE Staff published the Girls T-Shirt onto the popular social shopping network, Kaboodle, under their brand profile and asked the fans of the ROCKWORLDEAST brand and other users of the Kaboodle site what their thoughts were.

The following is a sample of what was said:

-"Charles Manson was a piece of shit not to mention mentally ill he sent people out to murder a poor helpless innocent pregnant chick and a bunch of other people. Although, I do like to read about serial killers... but this shirt should be burned."

-"Actually, there are people who DO love him. I understand that there are people still working to get him released and that he even has a fan club. Personally I find it offensive... but I guess that's the idea."

"I think its great.... personally I think there is nothing wrong with it... if you don't get it or can't take a joke... don't look at it."


...Classic 'Here's Charlie' for the Guys:
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A very versatile piece of clothing to be worn on a multitude of occasions such as Family Dinners, Church Outings, Kid's Birthday Parties, Board Meetings, First Day at a New Job, you name it!

(edit: The ROCKWORLDEAST Brand profile on Kaboodle has been deleted as of May 2, 2009, as a result of posting this shirt... we suspect. We are currently working on a resolving this issue with the Kaboodle team.)


Will AC/DC Sell Out in Moncton, NB?

AC/DC is scheduled to perform here on Canada's East Coast on August 6th, 2009 in promotion of their latest album Black Ice. This has been a highly publicised and long awaited tour that has AC/DC fans worldwide purchasing tickets as fast as they can for fear of missing their chance.

As of this week, each of the Canadian dates (including Vancouver, Regina & Montreal), the Moncton, New Brunswick show is the only one not yet sold out which we find surprising when considering In Vancouver, for instance, tickets sold out in 4 minutes.

We looked up various newspaper and internet blog articles about AC/DC using key phrases such as "Black Ice Tour" and "AC/DC Tickets" to see what the latest new was and surprisingly over half of the articles we read concerning the Black Ice Tour were covering stories about ticket resellers increasing the price ten-fold in some cases, or counterfeitters printing tickets for many of the UK shows and selling them for as little as $40.

As stated in a Vancouver Sun article after the record-breaking 4 minute sell-out, "...All the $99 tickets were snatched up in minutes, resale tickets were available equally as fast on the ticket exchange portion of the Ticketmaster website for nearly $500... For the average music fan who just wants to rock out to Thunderstruck, that's too much."

Reported on the Roadrunner Records blog, blabbermouth.net, "More than 12,000 fans spent thousands of pounds for a rare chance to see the Aussie rock legends perform live as part of their Black Ice world tour... They were left disappointed as they were turned away in their droves. "

So, this made us think... Hey, we wonder why no one bought up all the tickets here on the East Coast to turn them around a re-sell them at a profit. Then we realized: It's the east coast; no one has that kind of money... And I wondered.. Did the show not sell out because someone's been counterfeiting AC/DC tickets? Then we thought: No way! Not here. It's too scandalous and interesting to happen here.

Those are our thoughts for the day on AC/DC and their latest controversies...

ROCKWORLDEAST are huge supporters of AC/DC and their Black Ice World Tour!

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***********PRESS RELEASE***********

April 22 2009: ROCKWORLDEAST Signs Black Moor

Halifax, N.S. heavy metal outfit Black Moor has signed an international merchandising deal with ROCKWORLDEAST this week. This contract covers international wholesale and retail sales of RWE designed Black Moor merchandise, including: girls & guys t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, patches, hats, belt buckles, wristbands, etc.

Black Moor is a young metal band with an increasingly bright future. Having just finished recording, mixing and mastering their debut album the band hits the road in mid-May for a regional tour with plans for more touring in Ontario & Quebec this summer. Black Moor’s anticipated debut is a classic heavy metal album for those who love heavy original metal.

Founded in September 2003, ROCKWORLDEAST Merchandise Wholesalers have steadily grown to become the dominant force in wholesale and retail of licensed music apparel and entertainment merchandise in Eastern Canada. Our leadership in our industry is common knowledge and our partnerships include all major licensers & manufacturers in U.S.A., U.K. & Canada.

Based out of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, ROCKWORLDEAST serves hundreds of retail stores across Canada & U.S.A., supplying wholesale goods to merchants, and running Canada’s number one online retail band merchandise store (www.rockworldeast.com). In addition, we provide international tour services and tour logistics to many young and established bands on tour. Recently, ROCKWORLDEAST has become the in-house manufacturer of lapel buttons for several of North America’s largest corporations and brands. RWE is constantly developing new business models that bring light manufacturing jobs to Halifax, N.S.

This agreement between RWE & Black Moor represents the future of the music industry for young bands. A comprehensive merchandising contract with a high profile company like RWE will open doors for Black Moor and provide the band with a constant source of revenue. RWE sees this as another opportunity to work with a promising young band to establish a strong iconic merchandising theme while assisting the band to establish their stardom across North America.

To contact Black Moor for comment: blackmoormain@gmail.com
To contact RWE for comment: sales@rockworldeast.com 902-431-9495