NEW All Over Print Band T-Shirts

ROCKWORLDEAST is excited to announce a new line of All Over Print T-Shirts! These t-shirts are nothing like the classic album cover t-shirts that we all know and love. In the world of rock t-shirts, these high quality, heavy weight all over prints are the t-shirts of the future. We expect that this exceptional style of all over print t-shirts will be the hottest new t-shirts of 2010 and we look forward to bring you as many new styles as we can get our hands on.

Here are the All Over Print T-Shirts we currently have in stock:
(click the picture for more information or to purchase)

The Nine Thorns
$26.71 USD

Iron Maiden
Benjamin Breeg
$26.71 USD

And Justice For All
$26.71 USD

Bullet For My Valentine
Blood Skull

Lamb Of God

Avenged Sevenfold
Skeleton Bat

Ride The Lightning

Drip Face

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The Winner will be drawn at random on December 14th at 12pm(noon) Atlantic Time and notified via e-mail by December 15th at 12am (midnight) Atlantic Time. Winner will be given 24 hours to reply with a mailing address to claim the prize. Upon no response, we will draw again at 12pm noon December 16th and repeat the process until a winner has claimed their prize.


Will My Gifts Get Here in Time for Christmas??!!

YES! This Year ROCKWORLDEAST.com has upgraded it's shipping options just in time for the Christmas rush!

In addition to our $5.89 flat rate shipping on all orders, we are now offering Xpresspost and Priority Courier upgrade options! No matter where you are in the world you still have plenty of time to get your orders in! In fact, depending on your location, you may have until Dec. 23rd, 2009 to place your X-mas orders!

Click here to view our Shipping Chart
1. Find your location in the Left column
2. Go right, following the colored rows to find the nearest date which has not yet occurred and that will be your shipping method.
3. Choose that method during checkout under 'Shipping Upgrade Options' to receive your order in time for X-mas!

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All NEW Rancid 'Let The Dominoes Fall' Tour Merch

Rancid fans everywhere will be excited to know that, after a long wait, we are finally able to expand our Rancid Store to include the newest Rancid merch from their 'Let the Dominoes Fall' Tour! As long as we have all been awaiting the release of the 'Let the Dominoes Fall' album, the staff at ROCKWORLDEAST have too been awaiting a much anticipated new line of Rancid Merch including a staff favorite, a redesigned classic jumbo print Let's Go T-Shirt!

Visit the Rancid Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST or click an image to view more info or to purchase.

Last One To Die Tour T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Let's Go Jumbo Print T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Last One To Die Cowboys T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Let The Dominoes Fall Tim Armstromg Hoodie
$42.90 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Check out the video for their first single:

The single earned an 84% overall rating at altsounds.com and here's what their reviewer had to say about it:
"Its refreshing then to see that even though the world is changing around us, some things do not change. “Last One To Die” is a clear indication that Rancid may have been gone for six years, but their music hasn’t changed one bit.

Since their formation in 1991, Rancid have always provided the listener with punk rock in the way it should be delivered. Short, sharp, spikes of energy, with aggressive vocals and a whole-hearted “fuck you lets party” attitude that punk is known and loved for.

For all Punk T-Shirts visit the Punk T-Shirt Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.


East Coast Metal Heads

Attention all Metalers on the East Coast of Anywhere & Everywhere:

Local 666 Union
"International Brotherhood of Head Banging, Slam Dancing, Satan Worshiping and General Mayhem"


Metallica World Magnetic Tour Merch - EXCLUSIVE

EXCLUSIVE- FIVE METALLICA WORLD MAGNETIC TOUR T-SHIRTS! As of Today, Oct 17, 2009, rockworldeast.com is the only online store carrying 5 new and exclusive Metallica World Magnetic Tour T-Shirts. The only other way to get your hands on one of these t-shirts is to stand in line at the Metallica merch booth... until today!

To view all Metallica T-Shirt designs visit the Metallica T-Shirt Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST

These Metallica World Magnetic Tour t-shirts will soon become very rare and hard to find. Based on the initial response from customers, these 5 Metallica Tour Shirts will be the hottest products rockworldeast.com will be carrying all season!

We'll admit that these aren't the best photos of these shirts, but know that when you see them in person the quality of the print will match that of any other Officially Licensed Metallica t-shirt! The first chance we have to take new pictures that show the true quality of these shirts, we will! We just couldn’t wait even one more second to bring you this incredible Metallica World Magnetic Tour Merch Exclusive! (edit: New photos added Nov 2nd, 2009)

Go here to view the Metallica Store@ ROCKWORLDEAST

Here are a few of the Metallica World Magnetic Tour Shirts:
(click on the photos for more info or to purchase or click the link above to view the rest)

Check out this video of Metallica playing The Judas Kiss live in Nottingham, England:


Ski Masks by KISS, Misfits, ICP & Rob Zombie

These ski/face masks are equally some of the most awesome and hilarious pieces of merchandise ever put out by these bands! We were very excited to receive these ski masks and even more excited to try them all on!

Whether you're wearing one of these ski masks to cruise down a mountain on your snowboard, shovel your driveway or you and your buddies just want pretend you're KISS, you'll be sure to turn some heads, get some laughs and hopefully frighten some kids!

To take a look at all the ski/face masks we've got in stock take a look at the Ski Mask Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Here's a few of our favorites:
Another great thing about these ski masks is that they are all made from 100% Cotton! And they're only $17.80 US... The price of being warm and hilarious all at once...


ROCKWORLDEAST Launches Sponsorship Program

ATTN: Bloggers, Webmasters & Site Owners

ROCKWORLDEAST.com Launches Sponsorship Program

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – September 23, 2009 – On Sept 22, 2009
ROCKWORLDEAST.com has officially launched its blog/website sponsorship campaign.

ROCKWORLDEAST Merchandise Wholesalers will be supplying various Music & Entertainment blogs & websites with T-shirts from their in-house line of ‘Sick T-Shirts’ (which can be found here: http://www.rockworldeast.com/License/RWE_Brand ) and from their massive inventory of officially licensed band merchandise (which can be found here: http://www.rockworldeast.com ).

Supplying product for these blogs and websites is an alternative to the traditional method of paying for advertising based on a cost per click or a cost per impression. The sites that will be hosting these contests/giveaways will simply display a banner provided to them by rockworldeast.com. Based on the traffic received through these banner links, these websites and blogs will be provided with various prizes including t-shirts and merchandise found on the ROCKWORLDEAST website.

Holding Contests and Giveaways is an excellent partnership strategy for both blog owners and ROCKWORLDEAST. This method is a reader friendly way to draw new traffic to an already existing website or blog in addition to being a targeted promotion for rockworldeast.com. For rockworldesat.com, traffic and sales go up, for the sponsored blog/website readership, marketability and value of the blog/website increase.

The ROCKWORLDEAST Sponsorship program is an ongoing program. Any website can join this program upon approval. It’s as simple as posting a banner link which can be provided to you by emailing the rockworldeast.com marketing team using the contact information below.

This is not only an opportunity to gain free products to give to users of your website and readers of your blog, but an opportunity to build a strategic relationship with a major website in the music merchandise retail and wholesale industry.

Melissa Buhagiar
Halifax, NS

ALL NEW: U2, Depeche Mode, Stone Temple Pilots, Vader & The Replacements

It's been a very busy month for us here at ROCKWORLDEAST.com. In addition to the new line of TRUNK LTD t-shirts we now carry, we've opened up 5 new band stores!

Just click on the band photo and it will take you straight to the new store:


Depeche Mode

Stone Temple Pilots

The Replacements


Keep an eye out for more store openings in the future! We're always looking for new bands and new merch so if you don't see something on rockworldeast.com that you're desperate for, this is the place to ask for it. Leave a comment!



ROCKWORLDEAST is excited to announce the inclusion of a new line of TRUNK LTD T-Shrits into our Band T-Shirt store! We will now be stocking luxury TRUNK LTD T-Shirts and selling them at an incredibly reasonable price! The 4 Designs that are pictured in this blog are now selling for only $40.47 US!

These are official TRUNK LTD iconic rock & roll fashion t-shirts and are all manufactured with the TRUNK LTD trademark of a contrasting double stitched seam on the body and under the arm including the TRUNK LTD label sewn into the bottom seam.

Each one is a limited edition piece of luxury apparel and the differences in quality, cut and craftsmanship are clear and well worth the price!

For information about the garment and purchasing click the picture of the shirt you are interested in.


SLAYER & MEGADETH Canadian Carnage East Coast Tour

As roadrunnerrecords.com reported On Sept. 14, 2009, Megadeth and Slayer will be continuing their Canadian Carnage tour on the East Coast with 5 dates in November now confirmed.

"MEGADETH and SLAYER laid waste to four Canadian cities earlier in June when they joined up for the first Canadian Carnage, marking the first time the bands had shared a stage anywhere in 18 years.

Canadian Carnage East tour dates:

Nov. 08 - Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB
Nov. 09 - Halifax Metro Center, Halifax, NS
Nov. 11 - Bell Centre, Montreal, QC
Nov. 12 - Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC
Nov. 13 - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Get ready for one of the most combustible tours of the fall — Canadian Carnage East — with co-headliners SLAYER and MEGADETH, two of the bands that defined the thrash/metal genre and have kept it alive and flourishing for decades."

Check out our Megadeth Tour Post including a video of Megadeth playing Headcrusher live in Edmonton: http://rockworldeast.blogspot.com/2009/07/megadeth-tour-t-shirts-new-merch.html

We've got a huge stock of Canadian Carnage tour Shirts from the West Coast part of the tour you can check out in our Megadeth Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Also check out our Slayer Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST for all the new Slayer Merch!

Watch this video for Slayer's new song "Psychopathy Red" performed in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 29th, 2009:



Are you cold? Then get a Hoodie! All Fall/Winter Hoodies from $40 US - $52 US.

With Fall rapidly approaching and Winter not far behind, it is finally hoodie season again! We are fully stocked in all the latest and greatest band hoodies of 2009/2010.

To take a look at our entire selection of Hoodies in the Band Hoodie Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Check out a few of the newest & most popular hoodies of 2009 from ROCKWORLDEAST:

Keep an eye out for all the new Band Hoodies ROCKWORLDEAST will be getting in for Fall 2009 and Winter 2010! Subscribe to the RWE New Merch Blog for updates on Merch and Contests!