Spiked Wristbands Contest - Winning Entry

CONGRATS to D.P. from Manitoba, Canada for having the best entry to the 'Win 2 Spiked Leather Wristbands Contest' sponsored by ROCKWORLDEAST and hosted at Metal-Rules.com.

Wanna know how they won? Take a look at their winning entry:
1. I live for shock rock, industrial metal, gothic metal, symphonic metal, thrash metal, classic metal, stoner metal, you know, I just love metal, I could go on and on. 2. The bands that I thought of to add to ROCKWORLDEAST'S merch roster are; Mastadon, Fear Factory, Evile, Black Tide, Amberian Dawn, Amorphis, Delain, Deftones, Lacuna Coil, Puscifer - A Perfect Circle, Kittie.

p.s: I live in an area where any goth/metal music and style is immediately judged and frowned upon, and I have always loved metal, it just fits. And honestly I love to walk around with a Cannibal Corpse, or Iron Maiden, Slipknot t-shirt, (not just these three bands) and a massive spiked collar, chains, any black, leather, to see a rise and shock in people's faces, because come on, it is fun to freak em' out a bit ;) But to show that I am wearing this because I believe in it, I will not back down from metal ever! I mean, look at Kerry King from Slayer and his massive spikes that he wears, shit, you could take that damn Justin Bieber thing and toss him at Kerry and watch the pieces fly. That's got to be one of the purposes of spikes, to keep the shit music at a distance, but not just spikes in general, what they represent, and what that whole style represents; METAL. And as long as there are people out there standing their ground in the name of metal, it will never die, but what am I saying, METAL WILL NEVER DIE!

And that's what gets you a WIN!

Plus, at ROCKWORLDEAST, we want to encourage our many fans and followers to enter our contests so we decided to award not only one winner, but two! Our bonus prize of 2 spiked wristbands will be awarded to an entry that came to us from N.G. in Colorado, USA!

Check out N.G's entry below:
The type of Metal I absolutely live for is Shock metal. Ranging from Alice Cooper, to Kiss, to Marilyn Manson, to W.A.S.P., to Rob Zombie. Hell, even to Twisted Sister if you wanna throw that in there. I love the shock and the controversy it brings, as well as the stage performances. You're getting more than just music or a show, your getting an experience, and thats the best thing you could get. It's worth the money you pay for their tickets and merchandise and its memories that live with you forever.

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3) Win 2 Heavy Duty Spiked Leather Wristbands from ROCKWORLDEAST hosted at Metal-Rules.com. Tell us why you love heavy metal so much and win stuff!