Lemmy: The Movie Trailer

"Over four decades, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister has registered an immeasurable impact on music history. At 62, he remains the living embodiment of the rock and roll lifestyle, and this feature-length documentary tells his story, one of a hard-living rock icon who continues to enjoy the life of a man half his age." - lemmymovie.com

Motorhead Lemmy T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available in M, L & XL
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or visit the our Motorhead Store here: Motorhead Store @ROCKWORLEAST


Johnny Cash Finger T-Shirt - EXCLUSIVE

EXCLUSIVE! Johnny Cash Giving The Finger Girls T-Shirt. ROCKWORLDEAST is the only online shop in Canada that will be carrying the Johny Cash Giving The Finger Girls T-Shirt! Our Johnny Cash Store is one of our biggest and best and for years our customers have been asking us for this print but it has been unavailable until now. Click here to view our Johnny Cash Store: Johnny Cash Merchandise @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

For the past month we have been selling the same Johnny Cash Giving The Finger T-Shirt in a men's cut and it has quickly become one of our top sellers online and in our retail store. Like the men's t-shirt, we expect the ladies Johnny Cash T-Shirt to be just as big of a hit!

Click on either picture to take you directly to that page for more information on purchasing, sizing and availability.

Johnny Cash Girls T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Small, Medium, Large

Johnny Cash T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

As far as the RWE staff are concerned, we think these are two of the best shirts we've ever sold. What do you think?


Band T-Shirts for SUMMER!!

This week we've brought a wide variety of new band t-shirts and entertainment t-shirts into stock! These shirts range from a new Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland t-shirt (a staff favorite) to a updated version of the classic Bad Religion Anti Cross t-shirt to a bright blue Cobra Starship girls t-shirt! And that's just a few.
Check the site to see the rest: ROCKWORLDEAST

Or click on one of the new t-shirts listed below:

Bad Religion T-Shirt - Skulls - $16.99
Green Day T-Shirt - 21st Century Breakdown - $16.99
Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt - Electric Ladyland - $16.99
Transformers T-Shirt - Autobots on Red - $16.18

Transformers T-Shirt - Megatron - $16.18
Megadeth T-Shirt - Chained Up - $16.99


Pink Fl
oyd Girls T-Shirt - Dark Side of the Moon - $16.99
Bob Marley - One Love - $16.99
Cobra Starship Girls T-Shirt - Camera - $16.99

We will be working on stocking as many new t-shirts
as we can all summer so check back often to keep up on what's new or subscribe to our blog to get the updates on new merch, contests & deals sent right to your email!


Studded Wristbands for $4

The studded wristbands are finally here! It's been a long time coming (we know) but they are here now and they're only $4 each.

To view all Studded Wristbands visit the Studded Wristbands Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

We've just received a shipment of pyramid studded wristbands in various colors including red leather, black leather, white leather and green leather. These are available in either 2 row or 3 row and they're all the same price... $4!

All styles of studded wristbands are limited to us and at $4 we expect them to go quick!
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