Best Sons Of Anarchy Gear Available: Rocker Vs. No Rocker

 If you're a fan of Sons Of Anarchy (which you probably are if you're reading this) and you like the idea of sporting a reaper backpatch on your shirt or your hoodie (we know you're out there, these are the hottest selling items right now and the show is in between seasons!), then you may know there's a bit of controversy over some of the designs you might find out there (specifically the prints with bottom rockers).

You'd understand if you were a biker; like a really super-serious biker in a super-serious biker gang, like some of the folks on SOA message boards and a popular SOA sub-reddit (/r/sonsofanarchy for those of you who'd like to participate or fire the debate back up). Apparently, according to the internet, some guys from some real MC's won't take it too well to see an average TV-lovin' Joe walking around town with a 3 piece patch unless he could handle being dealt with in a '3 piece way'.

And if Kurt Sutter is going to bother warning us all against it, the maybe we should all heed his good advice. But seriously, if you don't want to upset your otherwise quite pleasant local neighborhood biker gang, we've are the main source for officially licensed SOA gear at the cheapest prices possible, without the rocker! At least this way, you just look like you've got good judgement when it comes to TV-time!

 But then again, we like a bit of controversy so do whatever you feel is right! Heck, start your own biker gang if you want. We propose you all get Schwinn's and call yourselves the Sons Of Fun. We'll be looking forward to seeing SOF chapters pop up across the nation. Until then, we'll be patiently waiting for Season 6 of SOA to start while we help our 25-55 year old (mostly)male customers grow their epic SOA t-shirt collections that will put their black-t-shirt-lovin' teenage selves to shame.

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