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Founded in September 2003, ROCKWORLDEAST Merchandise Wholesalers have steadily grown to become the dominant force in licensed music apparel and entertainment merchandise in Eastern Canada. Our leadership in our industry is common knowledge and our partnerships include all major licensers & manufacturers in U.S.A. & Canada.
Based out of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, ROCKWORLDEAST serves hundreds of retail stores, supplying wholesale goods to merchants, and hosts over 1,000,000 online retail customers per year.
As well, we are the parent company of Rock Candy Boutiques of Nova Scotia...probably the coolest stores in the world.
Our number one mission is to have the lowest prices anywhere, retail and wholesale prices included. Our number two mission is to have the best customer service in any industry, anywhere.

Stock Availability, Our Inventory
Unlike online "store fronts", we are a true wholesaler, the core of our business being the supply of retail stores in cities and towns across Canada and U.S.A, and therefore we keep a standing and available warehouse stock of all items on our site, with the exception of items which are temporarily sold out.
Many other music merchandise online stores are "drop shippers". They take your order and then turn around and re-order from a wholesaler like us. That makes for long waits for you and a higher possibility your item may no longer available. In our case we keep our inventory on hand and in most cases orders ship from our warehouse the same day we receive them.
The difference being you will have less headaches in dealing with friendly, capable professionals like us!
Please note that some items become unavailable due to high demand, however, usually we can anticipate those trends and are able to source manufacturer resupply faster than normal retail businesses and online stores.

Our Staff Rule, Okay?!
Founded and led by an icon of the 1980's Victoria, B.C. underground music scene, the ROCKWORLDEAST staff maintains industry contacts and insider knowledge second to none. Having toured with major international punk & rock music acts as well as promoted over 100 concert & music events, our staff create trends rather than follow them. We are professional, energetic and the most friendly, hard working people you will ever meet through a website!

We guarantee your satisfaction in every interaction you have with us because if you are unhappy (for a valid reason), and you let us know, we will correct the situation. Simple.

Trusted By Fans!

Check Back soon for info on NEW PRODUCTS!

Visit RWE here>> RWE: Band T Shirts & Merchandise

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