We Heart Charlie Manson

This week the clever geniuses at ROCKWORLDEAST and the RWE Art Department have unleashed a sick nugget of fashion unto the world. As CNN reported, in conjunction with Charlie's latest photo-shoot, "[His] wild-eyed stare is gone...he could be any gray-bearded senior citizen." In response to that, ROCKWORLDEAST gives you the Greatest Piece of Underground Fashion for 2009. We'd like to remember Charlie in his Glory Days: With that familiar wild-eyed stare!


Here's what's causing all the controversy:

(click on the photo to take you directly to the website)

RWE Staff published the Girls T-Shirt onto the popular social shopping network, Kaboodle, under their brand profile and asked the fans of the ROCKWORLDEAST brand and other users of the Kaboodle site what their thoughts were.

The following is a sample of what was said:

-"Charles Manson was a piece of shit not to mention mentally ill he sent people out to murder a poor helpless innocent pregnant chick and a bunch of other people. Although, I do like to read about serial killers... but this shirt should be burned."

-"Actually, there are people who DO love him. I understand that there are people still working to get him released and that he even has a fan club. Personally I find it offensive... but I guess that's the idea."

"I think its great.... personally I think there is nothing wrong with it... if you don't get it or can't take a joke... don't look at it."


...Classic 'Here's Charlie' for the Guys:
(click on the photo to take you directly to the website)

A very versatile piece of clothing to be worn on a multitude of occasions such as Family Dinners, Church Outings, Kid's Birthday Parties, Board Meetings, First Day at a New Job, you name it!

(edit: The ROCKWORLDEAST Brand profile on Kaboodle has been deleted as of May 2, 2009, as a result of posting this shirt... we suspect. We are currently working on a resolving this issue with the Kaboodle team.)


  1. Best shirt I've ever seen. Total genius. Love it.

  2. the lady tee is superb can pass on the guys one