All NEW Rancid 'Let The Dominoes Fall' Tour Merch

Rancid fans everywhere will be excited to know that, after a long wait, we are finally able to expand our Rancid Store to include the newest Rancid merch from their 'Let the Dominoes Fall' Tour! As long as we have all been awaiting the release of the 'Let the Dominoes Fall' album, the staff at ROCKWORLDEAST have too been awaiting a much anticipated new line of Rancid Merch including a staff favorite, a redesigned classic jumbo print Let's Go T-Shirt!

Visit the Rancid Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST or click an image to view more info or to purchase.

Last One To Die Tour T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Let's Go Jumbo Print T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Last One To Die Cowboys T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Let The Dominoes Fall Tim Armstromg Hoodie
$42.90 USD
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Check out the video for their first single:

The single earned an 84% overall rating at altsounds.com and here's what their reviewer had to say about it:
"Its refreshing then to see that even though the world is changing around us, some things do not change. “Last One To Die” is a clear indication that Rancid may have been gone for six years, but their music hasn’t changed one bit.

Since their formation in 1991, Rancid have always provided the listener with punk rock in the way it should be delivered. Short, sharp, spikes of energy, with aggressive vocals and a whole-hearted “fuck you lets party” attitude that punk is known and loved for.

For all Punk T-Shirts visit the Punk T-Shirt Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

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