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April 2010: ROCKWORLDEAST Signs Hellacaust

ROCKWORLDEAST are proud to announce the signing of Canadian black metal band Hellacaust to a master license full merchandising contract.

Formed in 2000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hellacaust are veterans of Canada’s metal scene. Described by the press as “blackened thrash” among other titles Hellacaust are comfortable with “extreme speed metal” as they blast out machine-gun powered aggression with every song. Hellacaust’s 2009 full-length album Disgust, their third full length, received strong reviews and the band is out to support the album on the road this summer.

Hellacaust’s live shows are legendary as pure mayhem is unleashed. Be prepared to sweat out your body weight in the pit when you next get the opportunity to see these rising metal warriors.

ROCKWORLDEAST continues to specialize in developing full merchandising lines for bands and events. We develop and market full lines of band merchandise such as shirts, hats, patches, buttons, buckles, jackets, hoodies and other items all over the world using industry leading standards and professional administration.

Chicago’s Matt “Putrid” Carr, a professional freelance illustrator, has been drawing since 2003; he first started out drawing skateboard graphics and t-shirts for Anti-Hero, Consolidated, Black Tooth and Creature.

As much as he enjoyed drawing skateboard graphics, he really wanted to do art for horror/gore death metal bands and related film and magazine work. Putrid has completed many designs for death metal bands (including Nunslaughter, Cianide, Blood Freak, Hooded Menace, Coffins, Anatomia, etc.) and published his “Putrid Gore Art” book since then.

We are proud to have Putrid designing limited edition merchandise for Hellacaust.

View the Hellacaust Merchandise Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

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