Lil Wayne’s in jail again, and the RWE staff have come up with a theory that this time, it’s because he can’t find a tattoo artist who is both livin' free and talented enough to compliment his current body art! The slam (that’s prison to all you Lucy law-followers) is renowned for providing the most sought after tattoo’s related to gangsterism in the 21st century. The artists at New York’s Riker Island Prison, where Lil Wayne is currently serving the next 8 months, are some of the best in the world.

Now, we know that all of the Free Weezy shirts in the universe won’t reduce our beloved Lil Wayne’s sentence (because he’s not Paris Hilton) but what a killer shirt to wear to your next big family BBQ.

Check our site for all the info on how to get your hands on one of these sweet tees before they're all gone here: ROCKWORLDEAST's Lil Wayne Store - Free Weezy T-Shirt.

In addition, although it has not been proven scientifically, we strongly believe that wearing a Free Weezy shirt may decrease your chances of being struck by lightning, getting maimed in a polar bear fight, being smashed in the skull with a fifty pound block of cheese and could even significantly decrease your carbon footprint and/or blood pressure.

UPDATE: Aug 3, 2010

We've got Free Weezy tees for the ladies now as well! Click the image to take you directly to ROCKWORLDEAST for more info on sizing and how to purchase.

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  1. I own and love this, My carbon print is SHRINKING!!!