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  1. Totally Stoked on the new CD!!!! DM is awesome! It's the new Master of Puppets as far as i'm concerned!!!!!!!

  2. To the M.F.'er that stole our tour shirts off of the back of our seats @ the Sunday night Newark show (Feb 2- 15th row)? You are the biggest festering scummy load that I have ever encountered in my 36 years of life, and you have made me give up hope that there is any goodness left in the human race. I can't believe you could stoop so low... What are you going to do with a little ladies' shirt?!?!? You suck. I hope you are reincarnated as the parasitic worm you are. Like tomorrow. Die!!! A hex on you!!!

  3. I'm a raphead but I love Metallica. =) The new album is great, actually much better than I've expected.

  4. Death Magnetic is by far my favorite Metallica album. Then goes Ride The Lighting, then ...And Justice For All... I love how James puts so much of his life and past into his lyrics. Not only does he do that but he puts a lot of emphasis on what he's saying.

    A lot of people think Metallica is a screamo swearing band. They are very mistaken. Some of the songs they have (for example, The Judas Kiss) tells about Judas and how he should have not done what he did. And if you think Metallica IS a screamo, cussing band, look at one of their openers; Machine Head. I was at one of Metallica's concerts not too long ago, (December 10, 2009) and Machine Head's supervisor or whatever was testing the mic, and he said, ''SMOKING POT ALL DAY YEAH!!'' That just put me off. I walked around The Pond (a.k.a the Honda Center) 2 times waiting for them to be over. So people who mistake Metallica for who they really are shouldn't and actually take into account what they are about.