We received a new order of Spikes & Studs this week and re-vamped our Studs & Spikes Store! All Studs & Spikes are in stock, the prices are better than before, and thanks to our new staff photographer, the pictures are much improved!

We've got a selection of spikes ranging from heavy duty 1" Cone Spikes and 1" Tree Spikes to colored and standard Pyramid Studs to traditional British 77 Cone Studs.

To view the full range of Studs & Spikes available at ROCKWORLDEAST visit the ROCKWORLDEAST Studs & Spikes Store.

Here is a sample of what you will find in our studs & Spikes Store:


  1. Your selection seems great. However there is a store that has been around for about ten years called www.studsandspikes.com and they have a HUGE selection! They are fast, cheap and super great to work with!

  2. Oh I see you have a store too! lol. I was reading blogs on fashion and since the hottest trends this year were in studs and spikes I thought I was giving another designer feedback. Hah! Obviously you know what you are doing! Cheers!