ROCKWORLDEAST has updated it's Bullet Belts Store to include new photos of the belts taken by staff photographer Melanie Titus.

To view all Bullet Belts showing prices and sizing options visit the ROCKWORLDEAST Bullet Belt Store.

All ROCKWORLDEAST Bullet Belts are sold with 90 M16 Bullets (plus a FREE chrome ringed latching round to make putting the belt on and taking it off much easier!), or 42 Inches long. In other words, our largest size for customers is 42” waist.
All rounds are INERT, and prepared with a "DEMIL" (demilitarization) machine exclusively for ROCKWORLDEAST to allow their legal import and trade in Canada, U.S.A. & Europe. All bullets are spent and incapable of being used under any circumstances.

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  1. Any idea if it's possible for these bullet belts to be sent to Australia? They can be bought from Australian companies through the mail, but not in colours like these. Just a bit worried as customs here are pretty strict.

  2. same as above but how about new zealand. do you ship to us in nz? is it extra for shipping?

  3. We can no longer ship these to countries who disallow them due to that particular country's customs.

    They are demilitarized, therefore, we can ship them to MANY countries. However, we recently spoke with a customs officer in Australia and its a no go for bullet belts to Australia.

  4. fuck is it possible at all for them to be shipped to australia? permit perhaps?

  5. Hi
    Do hese bullet belts come on actual belts with belt buckles!!!!

  6. No! They are authentic bullets and not the ones that are attached to leather. These are the real deal!

  7. Would it be possible to get it shipped to the United Kingdom from USA??
    do you have any information on customs in the UK,
    as i don’t want to pay
    £50-£90 and have my beautiful Rambo gear seized.. a reply would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks \m/


  8. Totally possible! We are located in Canada and we can ship these over borders to almost anywhere in the world. Every bullet is 'de-militarized' which makes them safe for import and export. Your belt will not be siezed!!

  9. if you live in Melbourne, you can buy bullet belts from smoke dreams, on Flinders Street.