Megadeth Tour T-Shirts & New Merch

If you were awesome enough to get to see Megadeth play on their tour this year but didn't get a chance to grab a Tour T-Shirt then don't worry, we've got them! ROCKWORLDEAST has added Megadeth T-Shirts, Megadeth Hoodies, Megadeth Chains and even Megadeth Flasks to their Megadeth Store this week. You can view it all here: Megadeth Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

There you will find all the new Radioactive merch and a few 2009 Tour shirts including one featuring Dave Mustaine on the front and his guitar on the back and another featuring the 'Headcrusher' with Megadeth's 4 Canadian dates on the back. Like any tour merch, these won't last long!

Here are a few of the Megadeth items that ROCKWORLDEAST recieved this week:

Tour 2009
$16.99 USD
Unisex T-Shirt
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Blue Angel
Girls T-Shirt
$16.99 USD
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$16.99 USD
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There is seriously too much new Megadeth merch to show you here. It's all in the Megadeth store.

Check out this video of Megadeth playing Headcrusher in Edmonton last month: