Metallica World Magnetic Tour Merch - EXCLUSIVE

EXCLUSIVE- FIVE METALLICA WORLD MAGNETIC TOUR T-SHIRTS! As of Today, Oct 17, 2009, rockworldeast.com is the only online store carrying 5 new and exclusive Metallica World Magnetic Tour T-Shirts. The only other way to get your hands on one of these t-shirts is to stand in line at the Metallica merch booth... until today!

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These Metallica World Magnetic Tour t-shirts will soon become very rare and hard to find. Based on the initial response from customers, these 5 Metallica Tour Shirts will be the hottest products rockworldeast.com will be carrying all season!

We'll admit that these aren't the best photos of these shirts, but know that when you see them in person the quality of the print will match that of any other Officially Licensed Metallica t-shirt! The first chance we have to take new pictures that show the true quality of these shirts, we will! We just couldn’t wait even one more second to bring you this incredible Metallica World Magnetic Tour Merch Exclusive! (edit: New photos added Nov 2nd, 2009)

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Here are a few of the Metallica World Magnetic Tour Shirts:
(click on the photos for more info or to purchase or click the link above to view the rest)

Check out this video of Metallica playing The Judas Kiss live in Nottingham, England:

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