Ski Masks by KISS, Misfits, ICP & Rob Zombie

These ski/face masks are equally some of the most awesome and hilarious pieces of merchandise ever put out by these bands! We were very excited to receive these ski masks and even more excited to try them all on!

Whether you're wearing one of these ski masks to cruise down a mountain on your snowboard, shovel your driveway or you and your buddies just want pretend you're KISS, you'll be sure to turn some heads, get some laughs and hopefully frighten some kids!

To take a look at all the ski/face masks we've got in stock take a look at the Ski Mask Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST.

Here's a few of our favorites:
Another great thing about these ski masks is that they are all made from 100% Cotton! And they're only $17.80 US... The price of being warm and hilarious all at once...

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