How Nerds Really Feel About The Big Bang Theory


According to the internet (where we get all of our information), some self described 'nerds' and their counterparts, 'the geeks' say they don't consider themselves to be the target audience of The Big Bang Theory! In fact, we were surprised over the latest ridiculous controversial Blog article that states 'Nerds Hate The Big Bang Theory'. We may be paraphrasing, but that was the jist of the story. We'd like to provide the other side of the story: Real life geeks who love Big Bang!

More than  few members of the RWE Staff are long time fans of the show. Although not neuroscientists or nuclear physicists when they leave the ROCKWORLDEAST office, they're known around here as the staff ultra nerds. For instance, if we ever needed a random fact about Batman, were willing to withstand a half hour lecture on the history of Doctor Who or have an in-depth conversation on who the most skilled Power Ranger was, we've got the right people for that. Common thread between them all: they watch reruns of the Big Bang Theory just about every night and wont let a day go by without dropping a Sheldon Cooper quote on us!

So, there are some sensitive folks out there who think that the Big Bang Theory is taking advantage of the nerd culture! But we think that's silly, we think that it's possible that these folks are not actually nerds at all. If you don't like or can't relate to the endless references to nerd nostalgia, the ridiculosity of Sheldon Cooper, the characters' overt love of the comic book culture and painful inability each of them has to interact with a member of the opposite sex... maybe you're actually one of the 'cool kids'. 

 How many Bazinga shirts do you have? Nerd Points!

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