Sons Of Anarchy Tattoos & Q&A with Cast & Crew

As one of the top online retailers of Official Sons Of Anarchy Gear, we thoroughly enjoy the massive fandom around the show and the culture it's created among it's viewers. There isn't a busy street left in America that you could walk down without spotting someone showing off an SOA rocker or the famous reaper somewhere on their clothing.

In our travels through the land of the internet, we came across a fan who took his commitment to the series about as far as any crazed fan could (and by crazed, we mean awesome!). Here's the gem the internet laid on us today:
The most striking part of our findings wasn't that there was a fan out there with a tattoo (because trust us, it only takes a quick Google search  to realize that this guy is not the only one out there nuts enough!), it was that out of the 99 ratings his tattoo got from the Rank My Tattoos community, it got a whopping 3.16 stars out of 5! You may think, meh, that's average, but in the incredibly cynical, demanding & critical nature of literally everyone on the internet, 3.16 out of 5 is a resounding 'sweet tat, who did it?'.

This guy is the clearly in the running for leader of the army of fans out there who have had the last 5 years to grow out their hair and beards, shift their wardrobe to black t shirts and leather jackets. Lets not forget about all the girlfriends and wives out there who have had to accept that their boyfriends and husbands who are now involved in a life of unnecessary tattoos and motorcycle lessons for the middle-aged, you ladies rule!

ROCKWORLDEAST QUESTION TIME with Chris D Reed & Dominic Pagone

If that's not a thumbs up from the top, then we don't know what is. For the rest of the world, we'll just stick to t-shirts, thanks! Why? Well, for starters, a t-shirt is only going to run you about $16, but mostly because when Korea decides to drop another bomb and the cast of MASH get's back together for it's 12th season, we'll all still have our backs open for a life size Alan Alda portrait.


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