Autobots Vs. Decepticons

This past winter, we opened up our Transformers Merchandise Store. We hadn't realized what a phenomenon The Transformers had been to popular culture until we started receiving an unusual amount of emails from customers who wanted to show us their Transformers belt buckle and matching Transformers tattoo! Seems most fans are getting behind the side of evil... with Decepticons outselling Autobots 2 to 1.

The belt buckles were a big hit so we decided to expand our Transformers Merch to include the an Autobots T-Shirt and a Decepticons T-Shirt.

Transformers - Autobot
Unisex T-Shirt
$15.37 USD
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Transformers - Decepticon
Unisex T-Shirt
$15.37 T-Shirt
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To View the rest of our Transformers Merchandise visit the Transformers Merchandise Store @ ROCKWORLDEAST

Comment and let us know whether you would fight for the side of Good or the side of Evil?

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