Black Moor T-Shirts - Two New Designs!

Black Moor are a sizzling young metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have been playing together under the name 'Black Moor' since August of 2005, and since then have worked toward refining their sound. It's been a busy year for Black Moor, first with the recording and mixing of their debut album, recently signing a merchandising deal, and now planning a tour!

Black Moor have recently finished recording and mixing their long awaited debut album 'The Conquering'. During the recording of this album, the band signed a merchandising deal with ROCKWORDLEAST which you can read further about here: Press Release: ROCKWORLDEAST Signs Heavy Metal Band Black Moor.

As the band prepares for a seven day Atlantic Canadian Tour, and upcoming shows in Ontario and Quebec this summer, they have released two new t-shirt designs for their loyal fans!

(click on the text beside the shirts to go to the Black Moor Merchandise Store)

Black Moor Golden Ram T-Shirt
available from ROCKWORLDEAST
for $19.99 CAD

Black Moor Fire Ram T-Shirt
available fro
for $19.99 CAD

Black Golden Fire Ram Girls T-Shirt
available from ROCKWORLDEAST
for $20.99 CAD

To hear songs from the Black Moor Album and get more info on the band you can check out thier MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/blackmoormain


  1. Black Moor = cute metal boys <3<3<3<3

  2. how does this blackm mmor have a line of tshirts out and no record or cd?